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June 19-22, 2014 - Emeryville, CA

Host: Hydrogen Chapter

Michelle Douskey, Holly Williams, Hoang Doan, Latisha Paw U (not pictured: Chandra Richards, Rebecca Murphy, Stephanie Choing, Sylvie Pailloux, Kate Alfieri, MaryAnn Robak, Lisa Alexander, and Megan Viera)

Delegates to the Convention

Delegates from 13 chapters travelled to the convention. Participating chapters:
   Argentum: Maria Craig
   Aurum Iodide: Teresa Bixby, Tanya Hunter
   Chlorine: Judith Scheurman
   Einsteinium: Rita Rhodes
   Fluorine: Kathryn Turner
   Hydrogen: Latisha Paw U
   Iron: Margaret Kanipes-Spinks
   Lanthanum: Pamela Simpson
   MAL: Judith Iriarte-Gross, Donna Iannotti, Piper Klemm, Rebecca Lai, Megan Sassin
   Mercury: Alexandra Jones
   Plutonium: Patricia Wiley
   Promethium: Karen Chichetu
   Radium: Janet Marshall

National Council for the 31st Triennium

President: Margaret Workman, Aurum Iodide
Vice President: Quynhgiao Nguyen
Secretary: Anne Taylor
Treasurer: Kathryn Thomasson
Editor: Michelle Ward (not pictured)
Historian: Susan Marine
Records Chair: Janet Marshall
Coordinator of Members-At-Large: Gail Blaustein
Director of Professional Awards: Nancy Hopkins
Director of Student Awards: Jill Granger
Immediate Past President: Kathryn Louie
Coordinator of Initiates and Supplies: Reiko Simmons
Webmaster: Christine Hermann

Convention Events

Convention Schedule

Thursday, June 19th
- Registration for delegates
- Reception and Poster Session

Friday, June 20th
- Call to Order
- Review of Roberts Rules of Order
- Roll Call (29 voting delegates plus National Council)
- National Council Reports
- Presentation of NC Candidates
- Chapter Reports
- Luncheon and Panel Discussion
- Committee Meetings
- Election of National Council
- Awards Banquet

Saturday, June 21st
- Committee Reports
- Luncheon and Violet Diller Award Presentation
- Free time

Sunday, June 22nd
- Resolutions Committe Report
- New Business
- Installation of new National Council Officers
- Closing of Convention

Committees: Click here to see a list of suggested agenda items for each committee to address.

- Audit Committee
- Long-Range Planning Committee
- Rituals and Ceremony Committee
- Chapter Program Development Committee
- Awards Committee
- Budget and Finance Committee

Chapter Reports: The summary of each chapter's report has been used as the chapter description under Membership.

Find a summary powerpoint presentation of the convention here.

2014 Honorary Member

Dr. Barbara Corkey spoke at the Awards Banquet and Memorial Service, her talk was entitled "Diabetes, Obesity, and Life".

2014 Violet Diller Award for Professional Excellence

Dr. Shirley Corriher presented her experiences at the final luncheon.

Centennial Teaching Award Winners of the Triennium

The three award winners (2012 - Tammy Dwyer, 2013 - Michelle Douskey, 2014 - Rebecca Roesner) participated in a panel discussion after Friday's lunchen.

Outstanding Chapter of the Triennium - Plutonium

The Plutionum Chapter at Purdue University was exceptionally productive during the 2011-2014 triennium, growing stronger through encouragement and devotion from members, the Purdue Chemistry Department, and also the community as a whole. The chapter goal is to support, inspire, and motivate female graduate students by providing an array of events varying between academic and social activities to outreach opportunities. Throughout the triennium they had outstanding participation among members and the entire chemistry community at Purdue. At nearly every event, both social and academic, the majority of members attended or volunteered.

National Council for the 32nd Triennium

President: QuynhGiao Nguyen
Vice President: Megan Sassin
Secretary: Anne Taylor
Treasurer: Donna Iannotti
Editor: Piper Klemm
Historian: Susan Marine
Records Chair: Janet Marshall
Coordinator of Members-At-Large: Gail Blaustein
Director of Professional Awards: Judith Iriarte-Gross
Director of Student Awards: Lily Ng
Immediate Past President: Margaret Workman
Coordinator of Initiates and Supplies: Reiko Simmons
Webmaster: Teresa Bixby

Sponsors and Contributors

- Genetech
- ACS, Innovative Projects Grant
- Women Chemists Committee
- The Office of Environmental Health and Safety at the University of California, Berkeley
- Mr. Ellie Pooh (courtesy of Kathryn Thomasson)

Find photos from delegates during the convention and during free-time in San Francisco on our Facebook page!.

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